S01 E18 - Five Ways To Protect Your Content Site

May It Please The Internet by John Di Giacomo & Eric Misterovich
In this episode of May It Please The Internet, John Di Giacomo and Eric Misterovich talk about content sites, and five particular ways that you can protect them. Content sites are websites with very niche topics, which produce rich and expert content in a specific area. Listen in as John and Eric discuss DMCA compliance, independent contr  ...  See more
Mar 20 2023

Speaker 1:
This is May It Please The Internet, a podcast brought to you by Revision Legal, lawyers who represent businesses that make money online.

John Di Giacomo:
Hey everyone. This is John de Giacomo and you are listening to May It Please the Internet, Revision Legal's podcast on all things for businesses that make money online. And I am joined today by my partner Eric Misterovich. Eric, how are you?

Eric Misterovich:
I'm doing great, John. How are you?

John Di Giacomo:
Pretty good, and I'm excited to talk today about protecting your content site and five ways in particular that you can protect your content site. When we talk about a content site, Eric, what do we mean?

Eric Misterovich:
Yeah. It's a type of online business and recently, I think we've seen a bit more interest in peo

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