Ignorance & Impotence in the Church

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Episode notes

Episode 196: Ignorance & Impotence in the Church

The first Christians operated with two primary forces in the Church: truth and power. Apostolic doctrine (truth) and the gifts of the Holy Spirit (power) characterized all that the Church was and did in those early years. Somewhere along the line, the marriage of these two essentials experienced a divorce. The expression of the Church became one or the other, but no longer both. We need a remarriage to occur in the present day. This episode focuses on the urgent need for a recapturing of the truth of the Word of God. How do you know that what you believe is valid? Are you taking someone else’s word for it? That would be VERY risky. You may be surprised to learn from Scripture that the people who join with the Antichrist at the end of the age had one thing in common: they  ... 

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