Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle

by Charisma Podcast Network

With all the mixed signals being sent out about God’s Kingdom, we need a spot to land and a place to live in the faith. Standing in front of Jesus, Pilate asked the epic question, “What is truth?” He wasn’t the last person to wonder. Amidst all the fading trends and fossilized traditions that pass themselves off as Christianity, many Jesus-followers find themselves spiritually homeless, living without a tribe to which they can  ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Knowing Your Calling

    Knowing Your Calling

    Episode 199: Knowing Your Calling Most Christians sincerely want to know what their life-purpose is. The American Dream is not satisfying for the Spirit-filled believer. We know we are here for more than success, pleasure, money, and comfort. Yet not all believers have discerned their purpose from God. Today’s episode supplies three components for what it means to discern and live out God’s call upon our individual lives. There is plenty of substance supplied in this episode regarding God’s assigning, defining, and refining of His call on our lives. How do receive the initial call and steward it throughout the various seasons in our lifetime? Jeff shares some of his own story along with the testimony of Amy, his bride, as he helps the listener consider their own calling from God.

  • Receiving What God Is Releasing 

    Receiving What God Is Releasing 

    Episode 198: Receiving What God Is Releasing It may surprise you to learn that many followers of Jesus do not live with an actual awareness of who they are in Him. When we are foggy about this key piece of what it means to be God’s child, then there arises a skewing of so much of our lives. This podcast unpacks three elements that we need to become proactive in if we are to be who God desires us to be, and to do what God has purposed us to do. These three components are, Identity, Activity, and Trajectory. This episode of Mavericks and Misfits and the one that will be released after it will help you to discern your calling/assignment and to proactively live it out in a manner that never becomes attached from your identity.

  • The Silence of God

    The Silence of God

    Episode 197: The Silence of God One of the greatest challenges for believers occurs when we find ourselves in a season where we cannot hear God’s voice. We read His written Word, and we know He speaks there, but Jesus did not merely say we would have His book - Jesus said that His sheep would hear His voice. We pray and it seems that God does not respond. We plead for answers, and they do not come. We feel we have endured and waited long enough, but Heaven’s silence causes our despair. We begin to believe that nobody else has ever gone through the silence of God and made it out whole. What is the Christian to do in seasons of God’s silence? Today’s podcast will help us see that this experience is common among Christians and that there a few simple instructions available to us when we are waiting for God to speak.

  • Ignorance & Impotence in the Church

    Ignorance & Impotence in the Church

    Episode 196: Ignorance & Impotence in the Church The first Christians operated with two primary forces in the Church: truth and power. Apostolic doctrine (truth) and the gifts of the Holy Spirit (power) characterized all that the Church was and did in those early years. Somewhere along the line, the marriage of these two essentials experienced a divorce. The expression of the Church became one or the other, but no longer both. We need a remarriage to occur in the present day. This episode focuses on the urgent need for a recapturing of the truth of the Word of God. How do you know that what you believe is valid? Are you taking someone else’s word for it? That would be VERY risky. You may be surprised to learn from Scripture that the people who join with the Antichrist at the end of the age had one thing in common: they did not know nor love God’s truth. Listen carefully and consider the offer in today’s episode to join others in pursuing a trajectory to grow in learning and wielding God’s truth so that you live as one who is deception-proof.

  • What It Takes to Endure

    What It Takes to Endure

    Episode 195: What It Takes to Endure When a Mavericks & Misfits listener reached out via email and confessed her desire to quit everything in her life, Jeff felt like he was supposed to honor her request to dedicate an episode to the topic of enduring rather than quitting. In this episode, Jeff shares a handful of commitments, disciplines, and values that every believer should embrace in order to continue in the things which God has asked of them. Encouragingly, there is also permission and guidance in how to say NO to other people’s expectations of you that are not consistent with God’s leadership in your life. This episode is filled with practical wisdom and guidance that helps us finish strong.