Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle

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With all the mixed signals being sent out about God’s Kingdom, we need a spot to land and a place to live in the faith. Standing in front of Jesus, Pilate asked the epic question, “What is truth?” He wasn’t the last person to wonder. Amidst all the fading trends and fossilized traditions that pass themselves off as Christianity, many Jesus-followers find themselves spiritually homeless, living without a tribe to which they can  ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • What God Is Offering You

    What God Is Offering You

    Episode 175: What God Is Offering YouThere is a standing offer from Heaven to which not enough people say YES. If God offered to make us all millionaires, nearly everyone would say YES. If God offered to make us all beautiful and healthy, we would rush to sign up. Yet, God has permanently offered to make any child of His incredibly wise…and too many shrug, sigh, and walk away. This is the generation that needs to value wisdom more than gold, beauty, or health. There are a couple of verses in Psalm 119 that should grip us. They speak of being wiser than your enemies, your teachers, and those who are older than you. This does not come to the casual, and it seems that most people would say YES to wisdom until they learn what is required to obtain it and keep it. Listen today and find your own YES to God’s open offer to make you incredibly wise.

  • The Spirit of Offense at the End of the Age

    The Spirit of Offense at the End of the Age

    Episode 174: The Spirit of Offense at the End of the AgeWhen Jesus talked about the signs that will precede the Second coming and the end of the age, we are most familiar with the global wars He foretold, the earthquakes, and the famines. Many are unaware that He also spoke of people being deceived into offense, hatred, and falling away. In fact, Jesus taught that so many people will be offended that they will betray their Christian family along with their blood family. Today’s podcast seeks to provide a means by which we can progress unscathed by the spirit of offense and the defilement of bitterness in our hearts.

  • Why We Need A Five-Fold Comeback

    Why We Need A Five-Fold Comeback

    Episode 173:Why We Need A Five-Fold ComebackPastors cannot move a flock into breakthrough. Prophets cannot do it all. Evangelists are insufficient to finish the task. Apostles begin much, but usually aren’t equipped to finish the task alone. Teachers can tell us what, but rarely how or why or where. Do these statements offend you? They shouldn’t. God never intended the Kingdom mission to rest on one leader or even one type of leader. In these last days, we are seeing a clear resurgence of five-fold ministry being initiated and cultivated by God. Do all local churches need to explore this? Yes. Is your home church the exception to the rule? No. When we embrace God’s original design for Kingdom ministry…the Kingdom manifests. Today’s episode reveals the blessings of team ministry and also exposes the downfalls of churches who still prefer a one-man show.

  • When Do I Walk Away?

    When Do I Walk Away?

    Episode 172: When Do I Walk Away?There is only one Savior…and it is not you. Many Christians are surprised – even shocked! – to learn that the Bible communicates clearly that there are times to sever ties with certain types of people in our lives. While we live with the awareness that we are forbidden to live with bitterness and resentment toward others, the Scriptures are equally clear that we are permitted (and at times we are even commanded) to draw boundaries that result in people no longer being allowed to interact with us. Today’s episode walks us through several passages of scripture that help us understand when it is time to evict toxic people from our day-to-day living and to entrust their futures to the Lord who has unlimited capacity to bear with them.

  • Prophetic Download About the American Bride

    Prophetic Download About the American Bride

    Episode 171:Prophetic Download About the American BrideOn Sunday October 15, 2023, Jeff Lyle received from God an intense word from the Lord as he was driving to church. Before releasing this word publicly, he sat on it for a week before sharing it with his wife. The only other place he has presently released it is this podcast. The inner vision revealed a bride in an unusual wedding gown on her wedding day. Also noteworthy was her hair. From these two captivating images, God began to speak to Jeff a word about something He is and will continue to be doing in the Church in America. May God give wisdom for all who hear – especially those who have given themselves to His glory through the Church in America.