Get the Booty You Want with Coach Pow

Man Overseas Podcast by Brad Dantonio

Episode notes
My guest is Emanuel Parris aka Coach Pow. He's a fitness expert with an impressive athletic background. Firstly, he was a 2008 Canadian Olympian sprinter. Not to mention a 2006 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist.That's not all—he's also a former pro drug-free bodybuilder, which means he knows what it takes to build a strong & healthy body without long-term repercussions.Today, he works as a high-performance coach in the fitness industry—sharing his knowledge & experience to help others achieve their fitness goals.I learned more about how to get and stay healthy from this episode than any other we've recorded (Coach Pow is guest number 91).We discuss dating, sex, relationships, living in Miami & Mexico. And why it's hard to find the right girl if you're an "ass man" and previously dated sprinters.Enjoy!