Toxic Masculinity, The Cocktail Party Effect & Why Every Man Should Learn to Dance with Ted Agon

Man Overseas Podcast by Brad Dantonio

Episode notes
Ted Agon is a returning guest to the podcast. He's not your average author & speaker.He's lived in seven countries and set foot on five of the seven continents. The man's a global adventurer. Not to mention he served in the Vietnam War in the 1970s.At 79 years young, he's got incredible energy (& knowledge). He goes ballroom dancing five nights a week, calling himself a table-hopper. It's how he met the love of his life, Julie.My favorite part of the podcast is when he shares the pickup line that "worked" with Ms Julie—afterward thinking darn it, how come I didn't think of that line decades ago. Haha! Amazingly, prior to meeting, he & Ms Julie had been single for 27 & 23 years, respectively.He believes if you're looking for love—you will not find it—it must be spontaneous.Ok Ted, but some of us are going to go looki ...   ...  Read more