Gambling, Family, & Never Giving Up on Your Kids with Scott Dantonio

Man Overseas Podcast by Brad Dantonio

Episode notes
My guest is my brother, Scott, or as he is listed in my phone—Chico D. This is Scott's 2nd appearance on the podcast. His first followed the tragic accident that occurred just before he got home from work one evening.He noticed a kid laying in the street and immediately rushed over to see what had happened. A 5-year old boy was laying in the street after having been hit by a car. Scott immediately began CPR and saved the 5-year old boy's life. Incredible.This podcast is more relaxed. My brother and I met halfway between where we were living at the time, Baton Rouge & Houston, respectively, to play poker at the Golden Nugget.Scott has been very successful in his career as a Director of Pharmacy. Not to mention the success  ...   ...  Read more