E20 - What Does Love Win?

Love Always Wins by David M Hazen

Unconditional love arises by default when we get our self-importance out of the way. It is surprising, dangerous, creative, and moves us into a culture of peace. Contact David or learn more about the evolution of a culture of peace at: lovealwayswins.us

May 18 2023

Today - What Does Love Win?
Agapé love - unconditional love for all humanity - is full of surprises, can get you killed, and relies on powerlessness. It is also the Law of Life that helps us grow and evolve to greater levels of security, prosperity and quality of life. Call it peace. Want some?

FULL OF SURPRISES Love Always Wins is a compact way of saying “Letting Old Vanity Evaporate (L.O.V.E.) is the best strategy for making a contribution to humanity.” To elaborate further, when we accept that to trying to fix and control others’ behavior is impossible, then “acting as if” everyone is a potential friend and partner changes the actor, dissolves their vanity, the illusion of having a superior intellect, replacing cynicism with curiosity and respect. Disrupts the competition and sc

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