Love Always Wins

by David M Hazen

Love Always Wins is about unravelling the complex, unconscious culture of violence using practical tools that work: places of safety where we can let go and get out of our own way. David Hazen has more than sixty years engagement with, and curiosity about, the peace movement. He challenges commonly held beliefs with a whole-systems perspective and empowers us to embody the culture of peace. Background info at https://www.lovea... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • E05 - The merry-go-round of shame and violence

    E05 - The merry-go-round of shame and violence

    Our culture has told us that we are not lovable just as we are, that we have to earn our sense of belonging, and to top it all off, we will never be good enough! It's natural that we develop an exaggerated defense against the feel...

  • E04 - Violence Addiction Recovery

    E04 - Violence Addiction Recovery

    It may appear that violence is out of control on this planet, from domestic violence to mass shootings to endless war, and if we would peer deeply into the structure of violence we may be very surprised to find our personal respon...

  • E03 - The Upside of Grief

    E03 - The Upside of Grief

    It is very important for us to learn how to die before we die. Unfortunately, even though we can be coached, the decision to let go of our anger and choose love is entirely up to us as individuals. Once we enter this process, if w...

  • E02 - The addiction cycle

    E02 - The addiction cycle

    David offers how we might see connection with others in the midst of suffering and disconnection, then presents a map for detangling the addiction process: where it begins and where it repeats again and again because unresolved pa...

  • E01 - I begin with myself

    E01 - I begin with myself

    Beginning 2023 with a challenge to let go of our identity as separate individuals and to heal our global domination disorder. Please comment or ask a question at Background info at https://www.lovealwa...