Love Always Wins

by David M Hazen

Love Always Wins is about unravelling the complex, unconscious culture of violence using practical tools that work: places of safety where we can let go and get out of our own way. David Hazen has more than sixty years engagement with, and curiosity about, the peace movement. He challenges commonly held beliefs with a whole-systems perspective and empowers us to embody the culture of peace. Background info at https://www.lovea... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • E22 - Spiritual Anarchy

    E22 - Spiritual Anarchy

    There is NO RETREAT from the multiple, cascading crises which are giving us a very strong message to let go of controlling everyone and everything and learn to earnestly communicate without judgement.Contact David, learn more abou...

  • E21 - Melting the ego

    E21 - Melting the ego

    What if the dragon that is about to eat you was made of butterflies? What if you didn't see that earlier because you were so wrapped up in your fears? Take a closer look.Contact David, learn more about the evolution of a culture o...

  • E20 - What Does Love Win?

    E20 - What Does Love Win?

    Unconditional love arises by default when we get our self-importance out of the way. It is surprising, dangerous, creative, and moves us into a culture of peace. Contact David or learn more about the evolution of a culture of peac...

  • E19 - Persistence

    E19 - Persistence

    Accepting ourselves just the way we are as part of a messy organic species on this planet is the key to making ourselves more efficient at growing in adverse circumstances.Contact David or learn more about the evolution of a cultu...

  • E18 - The Language of Peace

    E18 - The Language of Peace

    Gary Baran was touched and moved by Marshall Rosenberg’s presentation of Non-Violent Communication and immediately saw how he could take it and use it in his own life.Center for Non-Violent Communication ...