E19 - Persistence

Love Always Wins by David M Hazen
Accepting ourselves just the way we are as part of a messy organic species on this planet is the key to making ourselves more efficient at growing in adverse circumstances.Contact David or learn more about the evolution of a culture of peace at: lovealwayswins.us See more
May 11 2023

Welcome to episode 19 of Love Always Wins podcast. My name's David Hazen, and today I'm going to do something a little bit different. Instead of writing my script in advance, I'm simply going to speak off the top of my head today. And what's on my mind is the topic of persistence, in spite of adversity, which is another way of saying resilience.

Resilience in the face of sudden change, trauma, loss, expectations getting blown out the window: this seems to be a constant theme in our daily lives, now, regardless of what's showing up in the news cycle,

Our emotions are often struck hard, and we may grieve or we may want to simply numb out and distract ourselves with something else to think about. Eventually though, we receive a sort of peace, a silence of nothing happening anymore, everyt

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