E18 - The Language of Peace

Love Always Wins by David M Hazen
Gary Baran was touched and moved by Marshall Rosenberg’s presentation of Non-Violent Communication and immediately saw how he could take it and use it in his own life.Center for Non-Violent Communication https://www.cnvc.org/This podcast in video format at https://youtu.be/V5feD06zVb8Contact David, purchase a book or download a free book  ...  See more
May 04 2023

I want to welcome everybody to this episode of The Love Always Wins podcast. My guest today is Gary Baran. He’s a retired professor of philosophy, and a marriage and family therapist. He is the former executive director of the Center for Non-Violent Communication. Of course, he's a certified trainer of non-violent communication, and he's also the president of the Board of Directors of the Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication.

What did you initially find attractive about non-violent communication?

I was really quite impressed with how sensitive Marshall seemed to be to the people he was working with and how he was going deep into issues related to relationships and things of that sort. I remember crying and laughing through the whole day. I was just so touche

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