David Rolland - Freelance Writer

Local Voices (Miami) by LV TEAM - Simeon Dubois

Episode notes

David is............A new best friend around the corner..............in with the Miami New Times and teaching us at LV about the value of A good mic check ;)................Born in Evanston, Illinois, he moved here when he was a baby to Key Biscayne, and went to FSU, where he first got paid to write. After graduating college, he moved to California and eventually made his way down to LA, where he lived in Hollywood for 8 years, learning screenwriting, and getting his break writing a script for "Finding Rin Tin Tin". Always someone who loved reading and telling stories, he wrote his first book at 16 years old, "A King's Tale", and has two published books most widely spread in Miami, the "End of the World" and "Yo-Yo". He moved back to Florida after meeting his wife here, while spending the holidays with family, and now they have a 9 year old and l ... 

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