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  • Season 5

  • Troy Wright - Neighborhood Director

    Troy Wright - Neighborhood Director

    Troy is..................the man behind the curtain, helping create moments that transform. As Executive Director of the Washington Avenue Business Improvement District, he oversees a main avenue in South Beach, and has great insight into what makes a community thrive. Born in Seattle, Washington, he was a child prodigy on the drums, majoring in Business Administration, after some timely advice, and minoring in Music, he has always sought to connect his passion and his practicality. Early in his career, he served as Vice President of the Jimmy Hendrix Estate, overseeing a major case that had a big historic impact on artist's rights. He also helped create the first state gospel choir, that reached the Billboard Top 50. After dealing with a divorce, he chose to create a new life here in South Florida, like many of us, and took up his post as avenue director after much soul searching and passing up of more lucrative opportunities. With a big heart for giving back, Troy is an inspiration to all of us here in Miami, helping us focus on what truly matters, having a great impact and rising above ourselves. Interested in collaborating on charity efforts? - Shoot a DM to @localvoices_miami on IG Ready to make a donation to assist us in highlighting local role models? - Click here to donate >> https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=ADR3N468FDH3G Open to a 1 to 1 chat regarding where you might have the most fun giving back? - Book a time with me right here >> https://calendly.com/simbaleadershipcoach/30min Other business inquiries & suggestions - Email localvoicesmiami@gmail.com Muhammad Ali Exhibit link >> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/muhammad-ali-historical-timeline-tickets-866784966167 Cheers, Simba

  • Tito Puente Jr. - High Octane Entertainer

    Tito Puente Jr. - High Octane Entertainer

    Tito is.............as energetic as it gets. Fueled off Florida orange juice, & the drive to honor his father, he carries an electric energy into every performance, and describes them even as religious, cathartic experiences. Born in New York City, son to the King of Latin Music, Tito Puente, he was exposed to the music scene early, whether that be drums in the garage, or the opportunity to go touring with his father in the summers. He made the decision to move down to Miami 30 years ago, all by himself, and proceeded to put out his own albums, "Got Mambo", and now recently "The King & I", as will as securing his own radio show, "Con Clave with Tito Puente Jr." on Sundays. Creative in his own right, he has now launched his own hot sauce brand, which you can test out @ TitoPuenteJrHot.com. Listen in for a inspiring discussion regarding the future of music in Miami, and the fundamentals of salsa music. Follow Tito on all social channels @TitoPuenteJr, and check out some of his shows if you have the chance, he brings the electricidad.

  • Aimee Cuadra - Yoga Transformation

    Aimee Cuadra - Yoga Transformation

    Aimee is................a culmination of Miami's inclusive yoga community. Someone transformed from feeling unsafe, to feeling empowered. Born in New Jersey, her parents separated when she was young, and it was quite difficult, she ended up not seeing her dad for 20 years. She became super withdrawn, and when her family moved down to Miami to stay with her grandparents, it was super chaotic, and she started feeling unsafe. Then one day, her aunt invited her to a hot yoga class. After pushing through some vulnerability, she started to feel safe in her body and got addicted to yoga, doing it every day. After a little while, she started to feel unsettled again in shavasana, and went completely cold to her practice. She was brought back into it by the unconditional love found, @bodyforyoga, where she experimented with free classes, as well as the community @earthandusfarms, Finally she was drawn into the deities @synergyyoga, and opted in for her 200hr teacher training with Victoria. Super transformed, she is now leading classes at the Gale Hotel and other locations throughout the week. Catch her on Instagram @aimeelovesyoga, and if you're inspired after listening to her story, you can review a list below, of current Miami yoga teacher trainings, enlisting for this year >> Mimi Yoga >> January 29, 2024 - April 12, 2024 (Wynwood) - https://mimiyoga.com/products/tt-in-person Casa Vinyasa >> September - January (Coral Gables) - https://casavinyasamiami.com/200hryogateachertraining Miami Life Center - May 18 to June 15, 2024 (Wynwood) - https://miamilifecenter.com/200hour Namaste, ~Simba

  • Geoff Cole - Supermind Facilitator


    Geoff Cole - Supermind Facilitator


    Geoff is...............the Dude, the dude for turning your brain from fear to love in 5 days. Born & raised in Miami, he grew up in an alcoholic home, and developed addiction issues, sleep, anxiety, depression issues, all the above. Around age 30 he started transforming himself, learning to cope with meditation and prayer, until at age 35, he started studying psychology, and realized the power of objectivity in motivating the transformation of others. Having been a data science guy for quite some time, he studied with an inventor of a neurofeedback system, and eventually created his own standardized program, called the Supermind Method, combining education & psychological therapy, fully integrated with neurofeedback. He guarantees his services, and is coming out with a new book this year called, "How to Live Anxiety Free". Try him out for a session at https://www.supermind.us/, & if you're intrigued at all by the nirvana DEOS talk, try me out at SOTIMiami.com. Either way, enlightenment guaranteed. Namaste.

  • Season 4

  • David Rolland - Freelance Writer

    David Rolland - Freelance Writer

    David is............A new best friend around the corner..............in with the Miami New Times and teaching us at LV about the value of A good mic check ;)................Born in Evanston, Illinois, he moved here when he was a baby to Key Biscayne, and went to FSU, where he first got paid to write. After graduating college, he moved to California and eventually made his way down to LA, where he lived in Hollywood for 8 years, learning screenwriting, and getting his break writing a script for "Finding Rin Tin Tin". Always someone who loved reading and telling stories, he wrote his first book at 16 years old, "A King's Tale", and has two published books most widely spread in Miami, the "End of the World" and "Yo-Yo". He moved back to Florida after meeting his wife here, while spending the holidays with family, and now they have a 9 year old and live in Miami Beach. After running into an old friend from high school, Liz Tracy, he got the opportunity to start writing stories for the local paper, Miami New Times, and now he enjoys being a music writer and getting to interview some of the nation's biggest stars when they come into town. Subscribe to the daily emails from the Miami New Times, and keep an eye out for David's writing, he likes to add a comical peanut butter touch. SIMBA Takeaways >> Enough Rates make a Game, learn to play with your Fortitude >> Learn about the Science of Flow, & the beauty of basketball >> Listen to Simba's challenge to stars to dedicate more of their new projects to causes >> Learn about the importance of budgeting and always keeping yourself open to talking to strangers >> The magic of the sharing economy, and how to live A truly LIGHT life @ SOTIMiami.com >>The importance of turning off your notifications, and subscribing to the right morning emails >> The SECRET scientific measure of Enlightenment (Warning - IT's a bit dirty ;)) >> The power of prayer pleasure and the joy of downsizing your life @ SRF >> The power of turning your childhood thorn into your greatest strength Until next time, Namaste ~Simba