Aimee Cuadra - Yoga Transformation

Local Voices (Miami) by LV TEAM - Simeon Dubois

Episode notes

Aimee is................a culmination of Miami's inclusive yoga community. Someone transformed from feeling unsafe, to feeling empowered. Born in New Jersey, her parents separated when she was young, and it was quite difficult, she ended up not seeing her dad for 20 years. She became super withdrawn, and when her family moved down to Miami to stay with her grandparents, it was super chaotic, and she started feeling unsafe. Then one day, her aunt invited her to a hot yoga class. After pushing through some vulnerability, she started to feel safe in her body and got addicted to yoga, doing it every day. After a little while, she started to feel unsettled again in shavasana, and went completely cold to her practice. She was brought back into it by the unconditional love found, @bodyforyoga, where she experimented with free classes, as well as the com ... 

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