Geoff Cole - Supermind Facilitator

Local Voices (Miami) by LV TEAM - Simeon Dubois

Episode notes

Geoff is...............the Dude, the dude for turning your brain from fear to love in 5 days. Born & raised in Miami, he grew up in an alcoholic home, and developed addiction issues, sleep, anxiety, depression issues, all the above. Around age 30 he started transforming himself, learning to cope with meditation and prayer, until at age 35, he started studying psychology, and realized the power of objectivity in motivating the transformation of others. Having been a data science guy for quite some time, he studied with an inventor of a neurofeedback system, and eventually created his own standardized program, called the Supermind Method, combining education & psychological therapy, fully integrated with neurofeedback. He guarantees his services, and is coming out with a new book this year called, "How to Live Anxiety Free". Try him out for ... 

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