Episode 28 - Clare Geraghty

Local Legends in Running by Oli Jones

Episode notes

Today in episode 28, I interview Brisbane runner Clare Geraghty. Clare has been one of the local superstars of running over the past 15 years, however has been struck down in the past few years by a very rare condition that affects the connection between her brain, neural system and leg movement for running. She has placed numerous times in Sydney’s famous City 2 Surf fun run and won several local events in Brisbane and Noosa. Claire is also a strong supporter of the Mother’s Day Classic run and Women’s International Fun Run, with her grandmother unfortunately passing from breast cancer years ago. So as always, sit back, relax and enjoy hearing from Clare as she discusses her proudest running achievements, training week, nutrition, and of course, her genuine and open conversation regarding her recent battle with her unique running condition.