Local Legends in Running

by Oli Jones

Welcome to the Local Legends in Running Podcast where you hear the stories from local legends of Australian running, that you simply always wanted to hear. The intention of this podcast is to have genuine and insightful conversations with Australian runners and coaches to simply educate the local running community and raise the profile of running in this country. So tune in to hear how running has shaped the lives of the guests ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • S3 Ep 16 - Oli Jones (reshare of Eat Sleep Run Repeat Podcast interview)

    S3 Ep 16 - Oli Jones (reshare of Eat Sleep Run Repeat Podcast interview)

    Today in Season 3, Episode 16, I reshare an interview of myself from June this year courtesy of Steve Woolley, host of the Eat Sleep Run Repeat Podcast. Steve and I share a really positive relationship through running and podcasting and do converse quite regularly. Strangely, his sister was actually a teacher of mine many years ago attending Marist College Ashgrove, in Brisbane. Obviously, I credit this release entirely to Steve’s work, but I thought it may be interesting to listeners to get to know me further as a person and runner. It was such a privilege to share my running story, relationship with my father, coaching, opinions on the super shoes and 2024 running boom. A quick heads up, my mike was wigging a little bit after dropping it prior to this interview, but those who listened to the original on Eat Sleep, didn’t seem to notice. Maybe it’s just a podcast host’s ear. I hope you enjoy something a little different.

  • S3 Ep 15 - Liam Boudin (GC Mara Debut)

    S3 Ep 15 - Liam Boudin (GC Mara Debut)

    Today in Season 3, Episode 15, I chat with Brisbane runner Liam Boudin. Being Liam’s 2nd time on the podcast, this conversation was specifically about his recent debut in the marathon at Gold Coast. We discuss all things post mara, the lead up, the race itself and his running plans moving forward. I hope you enjoy

  • S3 Ep 14 - Peyton Craig

    S3 Ep 14 - Peyton Craig

    After Peyton's recent 1;44:12 800m run in Vienna, he became the third fastest Australian male over the distance of all time, along with it being the Australian U20 record and an Olympic qualifier. As such, we talk about the amazing year he has had to date, the potential of Olympics selection, his background and training week.

  • S3 Ep 13 - Drew Williams

    S3 Ep 13 - Drew Williams

    In this episode I chat with Brisbane local, friend, teacher and neighbour, Drew Williams. Already a previous guest on the show, Drew is an amazing runner and person. As a recent 30:50 10k a runner, Drew has serious speed to burn, not to mention his ability over the other distance events. With his 2nd appearance on the show, Drew had a specific focus on wanting to share his experiences and knowledge on the topics of improving running as an ageing runner and longevity, cross training and mental health surrounding injuries with running. I hope you enjoy.

  • S3 Ep11 - Ella McCartney

    S3 Ep11 - Ella McCartney

    Today in Season 3, Episode 10, I sit down to chat with Ella McCartney. Ella is a mother to two young children who is based on the Sunshine Coast. In 2024, She won the Noosa Half Marathon in 1:16:40 and the Ballarat Marathon in 2:40, however she boast a PB in this event of 2:38 at the Gold Coast Marathon in 2023. Times aside, thing I really enjoyed about this conversation was that Ella just loves to run, and it comes at no surprise that she loves to talk about it. So if you're going for a run, commuting to work or doing things around the house, I hope you enjoy Ella's words as she discusses of course her own running, but the women's marathon in this country, running with kids and running around the Sunshine Coast.