This Key Transforms Difficult Relationships w/ Liz Wright

Live Your Best Life with Liz Wright by Charisma Podcast Network

Episode notes

“He is bringing you forth into the full expression of your authentic design, and He will never stop until every part of you is completely convinced of His love and radiating your new nature in Christ.” - Liz Wright

In this hour, God is wanting to increase our sensitivity to His heart, and specifically, His compassion for us and for the world. Jesus was moved by compassion, and from His heart flowed healing, restoration, redemption, and more—including resurrection. As we allow His compassionate love to flood into our hearts, convinced of His enjoyment and devotion to us and radiating our new nature as a result, we also will invite others to know and experience the overflow of our God of compassion. In this episode, Liz shares about Jesus as the God of compassion, and why it is absolutely vital, and unendingly transformational, for  ... 

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