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Live Your Best Life is hosted by Liz Wright! Each week Liz shares shares from her personal encounters and insights to help you experience the wonderful transforming Power of the New Creation Life. Join us each Monday as Liz shares stories from her own life and brings us conversations with her friends from around the world who have insights to the season and moment we are in. You’ll be empowered with practical keys and powerf ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • God’s Perspective on Gen Z w/ Jessika Tate

    God’s Perspective on Gen Z w/ Jessika Tate

    “He is who we think He is—He is good, He is kind, He is healer, He is faithful.” - Jessika Tate There is only one thing required to live a life yielded to the purposes of Heaven—our unending “yes”. Living in love with Jesus can lead us to many destinations, marking those around us with an invitation to know His passionate pursuit, no matter their circumstance or situation. In this episode, Liz connects with Jessika Tate, who is a missionary to war-zones, an international speaker, and an author of the book The Bartimaeus Generation: Unlocking the Multigenerational Secret of the Coming Revival. A missionary since age 18 after a salvation experience just two years prior, Jessika has ministered in nations around the world and now leads a movement of young female leaders called to transform the world for Christ. Liz and Jessika discuss her journey as a missionary in warzones, her pursuit of healing from PTSD, her unexpected calling to the younger generations, and what it means to live in love with Christ, yielded to His will. From age 16, when she first encountered Christ, Jessika gave Him her unending “yes”, taking her around the world and into some of the darkest and most dangerous places with the light of the Gospel. After years of working in warzones, Jessika needed healing, and pursued God for that healing. In that place, she had to answer the question that we all must answer when faced with challenges: “Is He really who He says He is?” As the Lord met and restored her, she discovered His faithfulness and His heart for the nations, and for the generations. Now, Jessika raises up young female leaders called to release the power and passion of Christ to the world. With a deep heart for the younger generations, Jessika and her team feel called to equip and declare the heart and vision of God over Gen Z and other generations like it, inviting them to step out of comfort and into the unknown with God. She does this by grabbing ahold of His heart for them, and His perspective, and speaks those words of life over them—something we are all called to do. As Jessika closes the episode, she releases a prayer that each of us would walk in a deeper and richer intimacy with the presence of God—that we would experience a oneness with Him that would transform our lives, the world around us, and the generations to come. Related Materials: Having ministered around the world with generals of faith such as Randy Clark and Heidi Baker, global revivalist and dynamic prophetic voice Jessika Tate has seen what the headlines and social media ignore: a generation who is quick to recognize that the activity and movement of Jesus is very near. Like Blind Bartimaeus in the Gospels, they are crying out to God in desperation—and He is answering. In The Bartimaeus Generation, Jessika infuses you with wisdom and boldness to recognize and reject the deceptive spirit of religion so that you can seize the supernaturally charged move of God at hand now. You can join this generation crying out with a holy hunger that captures Jesus’ attention and sets up divine encounters.

  • Victory Over the Spirit of Death w/ Becky Dvorak

    Victory Over the Spirit of Death w/ Becky Dvorak

    Host of the TV show ‘Empowered for Healing and Miracles’ and author of ‘Decrees that Heal’, Becky Dvorak, joins Liz Wright in this powerful episode. Becky shares her journey of following the Holy Spirit to bring her knowledge of our authority in Christ from her head into her heart and actually walk in it. She shares an incredible testimony of when the Lord had her come against the spirit of death which resulted in the resurrection of a little baby boy. Becky gives keys for seeing breakthrough when you’ve been contending for a miracle. We need to align our words and our actions with the truth of God’s healing Word! Be blessed as you listen to this empowering and practical episode and be inspired to go after miracles and supernatural healing. Related Materials: Prophetic healing evangelist Becky Dvorak has spent years ministering around the world to those caught in the trenches of physical illness. And time and again she has witnessed the power of God heal some of the most hopeless conditions. In Decrees that Heal,  Becky shares the prophetic insight and the authoritative, effective prayers she uses on the front lines of healing ministry, equipping you to defeat disease and step boldly into wholeness.

  • The Supernatural Key Of Lordship w/ Mary King

    The Supernatural Key Of Lordship w/ Mary King

    Liz Wright is joined by Communications Manager for Liz Wright Ministries, Mary King. Be encouraged as they share testimonies of what Jesus is doing in the ministry and specifically the International Mentoring Community. Mary shares how she has personally been impacted by what God is doing in our midst, particularly the key of making Him Lord of every area of her life, and how that has brought solutions and breakthroughs in an unprecedented way. Receive as Liz and Mary pray over you all for rest, peace, and hope that God really is good, and He wants to display His goodness in your life. Related Materials:  Join the International Mentoring Community IMC, to facilitate a safe environment where like-minded people at any stage of their walk can enter into a deeper experience of Jesus. Liz Wright will mentor you each week through revelatory teaching, powerful testimonies and the grace to step into life-changing encounters with Jesus.

  • This Key Transforms Difficult Relationships w/ Liz Wright

    This Key Transforms Difficult Relationships w/ Liz Wright

    “He is bringing you forth into the full expression of your authentic design, and He will never stop until every part of you is completely convinced of His love and radiating your new nature in Christ.” - Liz Wright In this hour, God is wanting to increase our sensitivity to His heart, and specifically, His compassion for us and for the world. Jesus was moved by compassion, and from His heart flowed healing, restoration, redemption, and more—including resurrection. As we allow His compassionate love to flood into our hearts, convinced of His enjoyment and devotion to us and radiating our new nature as a result, we also will invite others to know and experience the overflow of our God of compassion. In this episode, Liz shares about Jesus as the God of compassion, and why it is absolutely vital, and unendingly transformational, for our lives. We’re all in a process of knowing the depth of His love for us, and right now, He is dispensing fresh and divine life inside of us, reigniting our ability to believe Him. When we step into our supernatural capacity to trust the Lord, we enter into rest. He is gracing us to believe Him for the experience to move into the deepest places of our hearts—to know that we are loved, and that this love is meant to flow out to the world. As we accept the invitation to turn in and encounter the nearness of Christ within us, we leave the outside circumstances of our world and step towards the life abundant we were created for. And, when we receive the God of compassion within our own hearts, we extend compassion towards others, putting God’s heart on display to the world.  As Liz leads us through a time of encounter and prayer, we pray that you experience a fresh awakening to the God of compassion, who is calling you back to a deeper trust of His unending love for you and those around you. Related Materials: Join the International Mentoring Community IMC, to facilitate a safe environment where like-minded people at any stage of their walk can enter into a deeper experience of Jesus. Liz Wright will mentor you each week through revelatory teaching, powerful testimonies and the grace to step into life-changing encounters with Jesus. 

  • Repositioned For the New Move w/ Joanne Moody 

    Repositioned For the New Move w/ Joanne Moody 

    Joanne Moody of Agape Freedom Fighters joins Liz Wright to discuss the importance of divine perspective in the midst of challenging circumstances and the current state of the world. Joanne encourages us that we can’t let the natural dictate what our senses believe. We are called to take dominion, yet many have been feeling hopeless, distracted, and abandoned. God wants to lift you up today and for you to know Him as Sovereign and the God of peace. We must sit our circumstances and the world in the context of divine perspective, we are not to worry or to be fearful but be captivated by Jesus afresh. Joanne shares testimonies of what she’s recently been seeing in the Body of Christ as she’s ministered over the world, and that He is moving in a new way. Receive an infilling as she prays for all who want a baptism of Holy Spirit or a fresh touch from Him. This is a repositioning time and it’s a season to return to first love, because if we don’t cultivate intimacy with God we can’t expand the Kingdom in the new way. Related Materials In Everyday Supernatural, Joanne Moody serves up a spiritual feast of captivating testimonies, practical teaching, and powerful activations. You will walk away emboldened with the knowledge that God is intent on using everyday people to perform His miracles and reveal His Son to the world!