Episode 13: May Contain Putsch-Like Substance

Literally Everything by Max Staley and Ethan Pack

Episode notes

Ethan and Max literally make a podcast about people literally storming the US Capitol Building instead of going to therapy.

The triumphant return of Literally Everything is overshadowed by troubling events in Washington D.C. Continuing a debate we have had in private over the past four interminable years, we discuss how the "events" of January 6th put the alarming dynamics of the Trump movement in sharp relief. But what should we call these events, and how alarmed should we be? What is at stake, indeed, in debating terminology? "Coup," "Putsch," "White Supremacist Terror," and yes, even the F-word (you know which one we mean) make appearances. Listen up, and send us your thoughts at literallyeverythingpod@gmail.com.

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