Literally Everything

by Max Staley and Ethan Pack

Politics and Culture — History and Literature — With Max and Ethan 

Podcast episodes

  • E10 - Episode 10: Eschatological Fixation

    E10 - Episode 10: Eschatological FixationExplicit

    Max and Ethan discuss the history of apocalyptic thought, from its roots in post-exilic Hebrew literature, to its central place in early Christian thought, and finally its secularized modern form. To what extent is our understandi...

  • Episode 14: Idol Talk pt. 2

    Episode 14: Idol Talk pt. 2Explicit

    We complete our discussion of iconoclasm, monuments, and statues. How do symbolic and material inequalities interact in the public sphere? What is the relationship between statues of racist Americans and structural racism in Ameri...

  • Episode 13: May Contain Putsch-Like Substance

    Episode 13: May Contain Putsch-Like SubstanceExplicit

    Ethan and Max literally make a podcast about people literally storming the US Capitol Building instead of going to therapy.The triumphant return of Literally Everything is overshadowed by troubling events in Washington D.C. Contin...

  • Episode 12: Idol Talk pt. 1

    Episode 12: Idol Talk pt. 1Explicit

    Literally Everything is back with a two-part discussion of iconoclasm: the destruction of statues. The topic is in the news today, with monuments around the country and indeed the globe coming down, either toppled by protestors or...

  • Episode 11: Epistemological Contagion

    Episode 11: Epistemological ContagionExplicit

    Ethan and Max discuss the CoVid-19 crisis "as an epistemological event." Epistemology is the branch of philosophy that deals with knowledge — what do we know to be true? What criteria do we use to decide what is a fact? How do we ...