Life Together

by Gresham Bible Church

Pastors Josh Howeth and Mike Dahl sit down weekly to talk about how we go through life together as a body of believers. Topics will include foundational truths of the church, Christian living and how the church functions together, voices from members of GBC, and news of what is going on in the life of Gresham Bible Church. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • S03 E08 - Biblical Theology

    S03 E08 - Biblical Theology

    Pastor Mike is joined by Dr. Todd Miles to talk about Biblical Theology. What is it? Why is it important? How should it impact us as individual believers and corporately in the church?Resources:"According to Plan" by Graeme Goldsw...

  • S03 E07 - Spiritual Abuse

    S03 E07 - Spiritual Abuse

    Pastor Mike and Todd Miles are joined by GBC's own Dave Martin and his friend, Ken Garrett, this week to talk about their shared history of going through a hurtful and spiritually abusive church experience. They discuss what to be...

  • S03 E06 - Theological Triage

    S03 E06 - Theological Triage

    Pastor Mike is joined by Todd Miles to discuss "theological triage;" how to prioritize certain doctrines as hills to die on, things to divide over, and things to disagree about.

  • S03 E05 - Voices of GBC- Todd Miles

    S03 E05 - Voices of GBC- Todd Miles

    Pastor Mike is joined by Todd Miles to learn about how he came to know the Lord, becoming a seminary professor, and what brought him and his family to GBC as our interim Teaching Pastor.

  • S03 E04 - SUSA- Summer in the USA

    S03 E04 - SUSA- Summer in the USA

    Pastor Mike has a Zoom call about SUSA (Summer in the USA), a summer missions opportunity to have students from the Basque country (near Spain) come and live with you and learn about Jesus. Our own Holly Riegelmann, who has housed...