Klaudyna Johnstone: Behavioural secrets, AI for pathology, working in scaleups, and localising campaigns for global success

Life, Science and Marketing by Paul Avery

Episode notes

Life, Science, and Marketing Podcast: Episode 1

Guest: Klaudyna Johnstone, Marketing Director at Source Bioscience

Klaudyna's Background:

  • Degree in genetics, MRes in biomedicine
  • Previous roles in marketing at startups and scaleups like Expedeon, Sphere Fluidics, Camerus
  • Passionate about the intersection of life science and business

Key Discussion Points:

  • Klaudyna's career journey from science into marketing
  • Challenges and learnings from working in scaleups
  • Klaudyna's passion for HIIT and staying active
  • Digital pathology and the role of AI in healthcare
  • Applying behavioural science principles to improve marketing effectiveness
  • Localising global campaigns for different geographies and audiences
  • The importan ... 
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