Don't market everything to everyone; focus on specific things - with Chris Boivin

Library Marketing for Library Marketers by Katie Rothley

Episode notes

In this episode, I interview Chris Boivin, Assistant Director of Community Relations and Marketing for the Jacksonville Library system, which has 21 locations serving a large population in Florida. Chris has spent over 7 years in this position, co-managing an exceptionally talented team, and learning a lot along the way. He shares his insight gained from running marketing campaigns, and how it's really not about what "you're" trying to get your patrons, cardholders, users, or customers (however your library labels your guests) to do, it's more about how to figure out what they like, send them that, and that is what conveys the value of your library. Chris also talks about responsive design, emails, the importance of clear CTAs (call to action), and notes that Donald Miller's book "Building a Storybrand" has had a large influence on his work.

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