A different perspective in Branding by Dr. Leyland and JenLyn UNBN

Level Up Academy by Dr. Leyland by Dr. Constance Leyland

Episode notes

Welcome to another enlightening episode of the Level-Up Academy podcast! Today, Dr. Constance 'C.J.' Leyland is joined by JenLyn, the creative force behind UNBN, to explore the dynamic world of branding from a fresh perspective.

In this episode, Dr. Leyland and JenLyn dive deep into the nuances of effective branding strategies, uncovering the secrets to standing out in a crowded market. They discuss the importance of authenticity, the role of storytelling in brand development, and how to connect emotionally with your audience.

Listeners will gain valuable insights on:

  • The foundational principles of successful branding
  • Innovative approaches to brand positioning and identity
  • The impact of digital transformation on branding strategies
  • Real-world examples of brands that have effectively reinvented themse ... 
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