Beyond Boundaries co-author-The Flow of Transformation: By Harsha Dandamudi

Level Up Academy by Dr. Leyland by Dr. Constance Leyland

Episode notes

Harsha Dandamudi has been teaching and training martial arts, calisthenics, and functional

fitness for over 22 years. He has worked with nearly 7500 students and clients as well as over

200 trainers around the world helping them utilize a unique system of training for higher

performance, health, fitness and maximum results.

Harsha uses unique internal training methods along with specific external neuromuscular

integration and movement to help athletes, entertainers and high-level executives not only find

their peak abilities, but also consistently bring those abilities out under the most extreme

pressure. The Flow State can be consciously unlocked resulting in the most elevated mental and

physical aptitude possible for any individual athlete. Moreover, the clarity people will gain from

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