From Rides to Bites: How Careem Is Transforming the Food Delivery Scene - Alex Golden

Let's Chew Podcast by Gulfood

Episode notes

Join us for a fascinating conversation with Alex Golden, the Global Head of Food at Careem. In this episode of the Let's Chew podcast, we delve into the future of food delivery, exploring the challenges and opportunities in the region, and showcasing how Careem is leading the way.Gain insights into Careem's evolution from ride-hailing to a groundbreaking food delivery platform, reshaping dining experiences in the GCC region. Tune in to uncover industry shifts, challenges, and strategies that drive Careem's unique market presence. Engage in discussions about initiatives like the 'Dirhams for Delays' campaign, the well-being of Captains, and the dynamics between aggregators and local brands and more. Don't miss these intriguing behind-the-scenes insights as Alex unveils hidden facets of the modern food delivery landscape. #Gulfood #Gulfood2023 #foo ... 

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