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Leading From the Middle of the Pack by Daniel Greer
Welcome To Leading From The Middle Of The Pack Podcast! This Show Is For Leaders Who Want To Learn How To Get Our Message Out To The World… And Yet Still Remain Humble. Learn From Daniel Greer, The World-Famous Transportation Leader And A Founder Of The Easiest To Use Dot Compliance Software In The World. Inside Each Episode, Dan Share  ...  See more
Oct 25 2022

The big question is this, how are leaders like us, who aren't necessarily in a management
position, who go out and get our hands dirty, who are ready to answer their calling from
God to lead, who are driven to learn and grow, gain the trust and respect of those around
us, to actually be heard while not coming across as an authoritative prick?
These are the questions and this is the podcast that will give you the answers.
Hi, my name is Dan Greer and welcome to Leading from the Middle of the Pack.