Coffee conversation with Charles Campbell: Vamos Juntos Lima Peru 2024 & talent outsourcing

Localization Fireside Chat by Robin Ayoub

Episode notes
Join us for this week's new episode of #Localization #firesidechat Chat with Charles Campbell! Are you ready for an exciting fireside chat that promises to ignite your passion for localization and talent outsourcing? In this episode which airs on Tuesday the 19th of September, Charles will take us on a journey covering the following topics: 🌎 Vamos Juntos Conference March 14-16 2024: Get ready to explore the vibrant landscape, Cuisine, and culture of #Lima, #Peru, as we discuss the much-anticipated Vamos Juntos Conference Juntos - Association of Languages Services of Latin America and the Caribbean from March 14th to 16th. Charles will share insights into this dynamic event, highlighting the opportunities it presents for industry professionals, thought leaders, and businesses looking to expand their horizons in the Latin American market. If you are ...   ...  Read more