Localization Fireside Chat

by Robin Ayoub

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Podcast episodes

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  • Fireside Chat with Laura Fernández: Sales and Localization Operation

    Fireside Chat with Laura Fernández: Sales and Localization Operation

    Join us in Episode #67 of the Localization Fireside Chat, where Robin Ayoub interviews Laura Fernandez, Chief Sales Officer of www.Supertext.com. In this engaging discussion, Laura shares her insights on the intersection of sales and operations within the localization industry, the impact of AI, and Supertext's unique approach. Don't miss this deep dive into the world of localization and the lessons learned from a leader in the field. Chapter List: 0:00 Introduction and Background 2:15 Laura's Localization Story 5:05 The Soft Selling Approach in Europe 8:15 Overview of Supertext 11:30 The Impact of AI on the Industry 14:10 The Transformation of the Industry 17:45 Supertext's Approach to AI 21:10 Balancing Customer Success and Service Delivery 24:45 The Relationship Between Sales and Operations 27:50 The Importance of Communication and Accountability 31:20 Closing Remarks Key Takeaways: - T he critical role of communication between sales and operational teams. - Integrating sales and operations to foster accountability. - The importance of earning trust with every job delivered. - Focusing on positive outcomes and continuous improvement. Stay tuned for more insightful episodes of the Localization Fireside Chat! Like, share, and subscribe to our channel for the latest updates and industry discussions.

  • Karen Decker: Pioneering a New Era in the Language Industry | In-Depth ALC President |

    Karen Decker: Pioneering a New Era in the Language Industry | In-Depth ALC President |

    Join us in this exclusive interview with Karen Decker, the newly elected president of the Association of Language Companies (ALC). In this in-depth discussion, Karen shares her insights on her journey, the evolving goals of the ALC, and the future of the language industry. Dive into her vision for innovation, community engagement, and the transformative role of AI in language services. About Karen Decker: Karen Decker brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the ALC. With her at the helm, the ALC aims to navigate the challenges of today's global market and push the boundaries of what it means to be a leader in the language industry. What You'll Learn: - Insights into the strategic direction of the ALC under Karen Decker’s leadership. - How AI is influencing the future of language services and education. - The importance of community and standards in the language industry. - Plans for the upcoming ALC summit and what it signifies for members. Don’t Forget: If you find this interview insightful, please like, share, and comment below to help us reach others who might benefit from this conversation. Subscribe for more content like this and turn on notifications to stay updated on our latest releases. Connect with Us: - Website: www.L10NFiresidechat.com - Twitter: @L10NFiresideChat - Email: L10Nfiresidechat@gmail.com Thank you for watching and we hope you join us for more discussions like this!

  • The Future of Content Creation, Meet WE ARE VERY

    The Future of Content Creation, Meet WE ARE VERY

    New Episode Alert! Episode #65 is ready, Introducing WE ARE VERY!Excited to share our latest episode of the Localization Fireside Chat where #LFC Founder Robin Ayoub hosted Rinaldo Dieziger, founder of Supertext and WE ARE VERY, and Kristy Sakai, CEO of WE ARE VERY for an open mic conversation. We dove deep into the launch of their new venture in the United States and explored the evolving landscape of content creation and localization.Episode Highlights:0:00 - Introduction to WE ARE VERY and the Localization Fireside Chat podcast2:12 - Discover Kristy Sakai's unique journey in #localization7:14 - Hear Rinaldo Dieziger's background and the story behind the founding of Supertext and WE ARE VERY12:58 - Learn about the distinctions between We Are Very and Supertext16:45 - Insights into the market focus and target audience of WE ARE VERY21:30 - Understanding the process and model of servicing customers26:12 - The benefits of working with We Are Very29:45 - Predictions for the future of content creation and localization34:20 - Closing remarks and how to connect with We Are VeryListen in to gain insights into how creativity combined with advanced technology is setting new standards in the industry. Whether you're a professional in marketing, localization, or just passionate about global communication strategies, this episode is packed with valuable perspectives.We'd love to hear your feedback! What do you think the future holds for localization and content creation?

  • Vancouver Localization Group (VLUG) Kickoff: Uniting Localizers in Vancouver

    Vancouver Localization Group (VLUG) Kickoff: Uniting Localizers in Vancouver

    Join us for this special episode of The Localization Fireside Chat as we celebrate the launch of the Vancouver Localization User Group (VLUG). Dive into the journeys of leading localization experts and learn about the exciting new community initiative in Vancouver aimed at bringing localization professionals together. Chapter List: 0:00 - Introduction and Background 2:02 - Paula's Localization Journey 7:02 - Pascal's Localization Journey 13:28 - Eduardo's Localization Journey 17:08 - Overview of the Seattle Localization User Group (slug) 19:02 - The Vancouver Localization User Group (vlog) 22:10 - Format and Membership of vlog 25:20 - Importance of Open Discussions in the Localization Industry 27:00 - The May 14th Event in Vancouver 32:10 - The Canadian Perspective on Localization 35:40 - Future Topics and Initiatives for vlog 39:30 - Closing Remarks and Support for vlog Register for VLUG Events: Don't miss the chance to be part of this growing community. Register for our upcoming events and become a member of VLUG today! Click the links below to join us: - Vancouver Localization User Group Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/vancouver-localization-user-group/ -[VLUG on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/9589380/ We are excited to welcome new members and share insights, experiences, and opportunities in the field of localization. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the industry, VLUG offers valuable connections and resources. Join us to make a significant impact in the localization world! Stay Connected: For more insights and updates on our activities, follow us on our social media channels and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Your support helps us grow and support the localization community further!

  • Machine Translation Re-Imagined: A Fireside Chat with Konstantin Dranch

    Machine Translation Re-Imagined: A Fireside Chat with Konstantin Dranch

    Join us in this captivating episode of the Localization Fireside Chat as host Robin Ayoub sits down with Konstantin Dranch, CEO of Custom AI. Dive deep into the rapidly changing field of localization and discover how advanced machine translation is reshaping the industry. Skip ahead to your favorite topic: 00:00:00 Introduction: Overview of the episode with host and guest introductions. 00:02:00 The Role of Automation: Discussing the essential role of automation in modern localization. 00:10:00 Impact of Large Language Models: How GPT-4 and similar models are democratizing the tech landscape. 00:20:00 The Competitive Edge: Exploring how AI is used to gain competitive advantages in localization. 00:30:00 Facing Disillusionment: Addressing skepticism and the financial realities of investing in AI. 00:40:00 Encouragement to Embrace AI: Urging listeners to stay innovative and engaged with AI despite challenges. 00:45:00 Closing Remarks and Call to Action: Final thoughts from Konstantin, with a call to action for listeners. 00:55:00 Subscriber Engagement and Farewell: Encouragement to subscribe, share statistics, and a thank you to the audience. In this discussion, Konstantin shares his insights on the evolution from traditional translation methods to the innovative use of large language models like GPT-3 and GPT-4. Learn how these technologies are not only enhancing the flexibility of translations but also making them more accessible to professionals across the globe. Quality in translation is more crucial than ever, especially in critical industries. Konstantin emphasizes the balance between speed, cost-efficiency, and the uncompromising accuracy needed in fields like medicine and technical documentation. Plus, find out how the landscape has shifted for localization professionals and project managers amidst technological advances and the global COVID-19 pandemic. Looking ahead, hear Konstantin's thoughts on the future of project management within localization and why embracing AI is essential for staying ahead in the industry. Whether you're a professional in the localization industry, interested in AI and technology, or simply curious about the future of translation, this discussion is packed with valuable insights and forward-thinking ideas Don't forget to like, subscribe, and click the bell icon to stay updated with our latest discussions and insights from industry leaders!#Localization #MachineTranslation #ArtificialIntelligence #CustomAI #TechnologyTrends