s3e18 L0WL1F3 feat. Cyberpunk Librarian "The OrangeBoy/PatronPoint Affair"

The L0WL1F3 Podcast by Coinops, Scum, Xero, and Shadowlink

Episode notes

This ep, Cyberpunk Librarian comes in hot with a breaking story about two extremely niche library service providers in Ohio. It was a battle for the ages that actually happened in 2020 over the course of 9 months, and the story is both wilder and dumber than you can possibly imagine. Come for the creation of the "NCIS Hacker Scene Award." Stay for the revelation that we might actually be breaking this story here for the first time, for real. rss.com/podcasts/l0wl1f3 patreon.com/neondystopia discord.gg/M6fGZERb7Z And check out our homie at: https://cyberpunklibrarian.com/

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