The L0WL1F3 PodcastExplicit

by Coinops, Scum, and Shadowlink

Three cyberpunk dorks taking the piss out of the genre, even as they wade through a reality that resembles fiction more and more each day. Produced in affiliation with 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E38 - s2e38_L0WL1F3_pi_rates_pt_1

    S02 E38 - s2e38_L0WL1F3_pi_rates_pt_1Explicit

    Steal this episode.Hit us up

  • S02 E37 - s2e37_L0WL1F3_hawt_topix

    S02 E37 - s2e37_L0WL1F3_hawt_topixExplicit

    This ep, the crew catches up on the news.Hit us up

  • S02 E36 - s2e36_L0WL1F3-HitS-collab_Avalon_mov

    S02 E36 - s2e36_L0WL1F3-HitS-collab_Avalon_movExplicit

    This ep, we form Podcast Voltron, discuss the 2001 film Avalon, and invent meat cigarettes.Hit us up here: http...

  • S02 E35 - s2e35_L0WL1F3_piss_pass

    S02 E35 - s2e35_L0WL1F3_piss_passExplicit

    And it was all yellow.Hit us up here:

  • S02 E34 - s2e34_L0WL1F3_ganging_pt_1

    S02 E34 - s2e34_L0WL1F3_ganging_pt_1Explicit

    Ganging initiation.Hit us up