The L0WL1F3 PodcastExplicit

by Coinops, Scum, and Shadowlink

Three cyberpunk dorks taking the piss out of the genre, even as they wade through a reality that resembles fiction more and more each day. Produced in affiliation with 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E30 - s2e30_L0WL1F3_damnation_alley

    S02 E30 - s2e30_L0WL1F3_damnation_alleyExplicit

    A few weeks back, Coinops had a beer with Lestan Zero and they struggled to remember a truck. This is the result. You know our socials, so here's a list of resources:

  • S02 E29 - s2e29_L0WL1F3_wine_cult

    S02 E29 - s2e29_L0WL1F3_wine_cultExplicit

    This ep, Coinops tells a story about a guy, a cult, and wine.Hit us up here:

  • S02 E28 - s2e28_L0WL1F3_behind_blue_eyes_with_anna_mocikat

    S02 E28 - s2e28_L0WL1F3_behind_blue_eyes_with_anna_mocikatExplicit

    This ep, we sit down with indi author Anna Mocikat and talk about her book Behind Blue Eyes, the state of modern publishing, and literally too many things to list here. It's a damn hoot. Also, Scum needs a jobby job.Find Anna at:h...

  • S02 E27 - s2e27_L0WL1F3_big_dumb_boat

    S02 E27 - s2e27_L0WL1F3_big_dumb_boatExplicit

    This ep, Shadowlink realizes that we've had arcologies for a while, and they suck.Hit us up

  • S02 E26 - s2e26_L0WL1F3_plumbatae

    S02 E26 - s2e26_L0WL1F3_plumbataeExplicit

    This ep, Coinops asks, what if arrow, but artillery (sorta)?Hit us up here: