The L0WL1F3 PodcastExplicit

by Coinops, Scum, and Shadowlink

Three cyberpunk dorks taking the piss out of the genre, even as they wade through a reality that resembles fiction more and more each day. Produced in affiliation with 
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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E25 - 25_L0WL1F3_speedrun_jobapp(tm)

    S01 E25 - 25_L0WL1F3_speedrun_jobapp(tm)Explicit

    This ep, we got a space race for dipshits, an AI that won't hire you, and the joy of speedrunning. Plus, opinions on Bat Man.

    Jun 18 2021
    Jun 18 2021
  • S01 E24 - 24_L0WL1F3_break_the_internet_and_other_stories.pdf

    S01 E24 - 24_L0WL1F3_break_the_internet_and_other_stories.pdfExplicit

    This week, the crew gets back to reality, mostly. It starts out pretty wholesome. So there's that.

    Jun 11 2021
    Jun 11 2021
  • S01 E23 - 23_L0WL1F3_&_CYBERPUNK_LIBRARIAN_super_mario_bros_the_motion_picture.mov_part_two

    S01 E23 - 23_L0WL1F3_&_CYBERPUNK_LIBRARIAN_super_mario_bros_the_motion_picture.mov_part_twoExplicit

    The Cyberpunk Librarian returns, because he's a champ and totally not because we blackmailed him. We're finishing our insanely long discussion of Super Mario Bros, as well as some of what happened behind the scenes, and how that a...

    Jun 04 2021
    Jun 04 2021
  • S01 E22 - 22_L0WL1F3_&_CYBERPUNK_LIBRARIAN_super_mario_bros_the_motion_picture.mov_part_one

    S01 E22 - 22_L0WL1F3_&_CYBERPUNK_LIBRARIAN_super_mario_bros_the_motion_picture.mov_part_oneExplicit

    This week, WE'RE BACK, and this time we have special guest Cyberpunk Librarian Daniel Messer along for the ride. We're discussing the oft-maligned but endlessly fascinating disasterpiece: Super Mario Bros. The Motion Picture. List...

    May 28 2021
    May 28 2021
  • S01 E21 - 21_L0WL1F3_muckraking.exe

    S01 E21 - 21_L0WL1F3_muckraking.exeExplicit

    This one is insane. We talk about hacked pipelines, an app Amazon wants its employees to use (but not really), employment and its opposite, when jobs go wrong, rockets falling all willy-nilly, and more.

    May 14 2021
    May 14 2021