Home births and the shamanic dimensions of pregnancy with Anna Clarke

Women's Voices: my weekly radio show on YassFM 100.3 by Kath Kovac

Episode notes

I chat with Anna, ex-hospital midwife who, horrified at the treatment of birthing mothers - and at the bullying of student midwives! - became a homebirth midwife. We talk about how birth interventions are skyrocketing in hospitals, but are low in homebirths.

However, less than 1% of births today are homebirths. We look at the reasons why - one of which is insurance companies' refusal to insure home midwives, and another being lack of info given by GPs.

We also talk about the shamanic dimensions, or inner journey of pregnancy, the burning of midwives as witches, the use of drumming in labour, and even touch on ecstatic and orgasmic birth - who knew?! Connect with Anna here.