From Ayurveda to Maternity Leave: Insights from a Self-Employed Mom with Amanda Kingsmith

The Yoga, Bellies & Babies Podcast by Krishna Hassomal

Episode notes

Maternity Leave.

Two words that carry immense power.

Evoking different emotions depending on the stage of life one finds themselves in.

I have personally experienced maternity leave twice, while enjoying the comfort of a stable job. However, this time around as a business owner, the experience is vastly different!

The challenges faced by freelancers and entrepreneurs regarding maternity leave are unique. Whether is the fear being judged for prioritizing your work over family if we go back to work too soon, or risk losing clients if we take too much time off.

Finding the right balance can be a real struggle.

To explore this balancing act, we have the incredible Amanda Kingsmith in this week's episode! Listen in as we explore the topic of managing a business during pregnancy and postpartum.

Amanda is a mult ... 

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