Rest as a cure for depression, with Jennison Grigsby

The Yoga, Bellies & Babies Podcast by Krishna Hassomal

Episode notes

Jennison Grigsby, is a mum and a Yoga teacher. Originally from California, Jennison now lives in Valencia, Spain with her husband, son and dog.

Upon meeting Jennison, whether it´s in person or online, you can immediately feel her joy and positivity. It´s clear how the work she does through yoga brings people together, creating deep meaningful connections and a sense of community. She’s friendly, out-going and super approachable.

A few months ago, she very bravely shared on social media, how she’s been suffering from bouts of depression over the years.

I was surprised and wondered how is it possible that someone who is bursting with joy, can also suffer from depression? This shows how little I know!

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