Conscious relaxation as the path to a happy and healthy life with Frances Robertson-Ritchie

The Yoga, Bellies & Babies Podcast by Krishna Hassomal

Episode notes

This week’s episode features Frances Robertson-Richie. Frances is a mum of three, a yoga teacher and hypnotherapist.

Frances also had a career in the fashion industry in central London, working in a high-stress and high-pressure environment until she had a health scare which made her re-evaluate her life and take new measures, leading her to where she is today.

Her vision now is very clear. She sees Yoga as something that can shared in a simple and accessible way. Free of jargon and dogma. A place where someone who may have been intimidated by the idea of a Yoga class would feel comfortable. When you go to her class, like I did last month, that vision of her does truly come across.

We talk about:

  • How having a health scare opened forced her to make changes in her career

  • The responsibilities and challe ... 

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