5 Lessons I've Learnt From Feeling Overwhelmed

The Yoga, Bellies & Babies Podcast by Krishna Hassomal

Episode notes

Do you feel overwhelmed lately? I have been feeling like that in the recent months. I also get that general feeling from people around me lately.

I wanted to share this feeling, which I’m referring to as overwhelm in this episode. That feeling when you are not just busy, and overloaded, but that it’s somehow all happening at once.

Lately for me, it’s been quite a regular phase that appears in my life. I seem to be experiencing this feeling when it all happens at the same time, more often. However, I’m somehow not feeling as stressed as I would have expected. So, even though this feeling of overwhelm is more frequent, somehow I am less negatively impacted by it. I must be doing something right! I had a think about what that was, and I share it with you in this episode.

In this episode I talk about why I've been feeling overwhelme ... 

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