The Partner's Point of View: How to Survive Your First Day Alone With Your Baby

The Yoga, Bellies & Babies Podcast by Krishna Hassomal

Episode notes

During pregnancy the focus is on Mum and Baby. After Pregnancy it on Baby and Mum. The Partner, the carer, the support usually comes in third place. This makes complete sense, however their role and effort can often be overlooked.

This is why I wanted to interview my partner, Burzin Rustumji, and ask him about his views and experiences during the pregnancies, births and baby journeys we’ve shared together.

He shares his views very openly and honestly, and talk about things like:

-How to have those difficult conversations around pregnancy and children. You’ll hear how he had to express he wasn´t ready to have children

-How he viewed his role during my pregnancies and birth

-He opens up about his experience during our miscarriage

-How the roles be distributed during pregnancy. Is it actually possible to share th ... 

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