Navigating the Peri-menopause Journey, with Sally Parkes

The Yoga, Bellies & Babies Podcast by Krishna Hassomal

Episode notes

Last summer, I found myself asking my mum, "Is this peri-menopause?". I was having lots of hot flushes and sweating.

Her response was, "No, you’ve forgotten what Spanish summers are like and you're breastfeeding!"

She might have been right. Who knows? This summer I’m pregnant, and my body is going through something else! However, I’d rather be prepared for peri-menopause and learn how to manage this new phase of myself whenever it decides to come!

I also realised that I know NOTHING about it. The first time I heard about Peri-menopause was on TV. I was watching the Netflix show, ‘’Working Mums’’ where the main character comes home from the doctors and says, in shock, that she has ‘’peri-f*ing-menopause’’!

In today’s episode we’re on a slightly different path, and shifting our focus from pregnancy and postpartum to peri-men ... 

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