A Personal Trainer For The Woman’s Soul, with Lisa Garber.

The Yoga, Bellies & Babies Podcast by Krishna Hassomal

Episode notes

After becoming a mother. I found myself at a loss when faced with the typical ‘’So, what do you do?’’. Yes I was still ‘’doing’’ my professional job, but I was also doing a lot more!

I had to re-evaluate what this meant for my purpose and identity.

Fast forward 5 years and much soul-searching and therapy, I now run an online yoga business and am a podcaster.

To get started on this new journey, I joined a business coaching programme led by Susanne Rieker.

Initially, I expected to learn all about the online world, sales, marketing, and how to turn my hobby, and part-time side hustle, Yoga, into a profitable and scalable business.

To my surprise, this business programme also included monthly Mindset Coaching sessions with a life-coach, Lisa Garber.

I questioned the purpose of these sessions. Wasn’t the focus suppo ... 

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