S01 E05 - Leave No Veteran Behind

When Thank You Is Not Enough by Justice For Vets
“I would like to see a veterans treatment court in reach of every veteran that's in need. Let us in the justice system be cognizant of the needs of the veteran. And if there's something we can do to assist them in their journey, let us do that.”S1E5 profiles a true hero of the veterans treatment court movement, retired Buffalo Judge Rober  ...  See more
May 02 2023

We want to change that paradigm where a veteran feels that nothing good is going to come out of the fact that I'm here in criminal court.
And I would venture to say that it's unfortunate that you are there in criminal court.
However, there's something we can do about that to assist you where you don't have to return back to the justice system in the future.
We're going to do all we can to help you in this journey.
You're listening to the Justice for Vets podcast, when Thank You is not enough.
Hosted by retired Major General Butch Tate, this podcast is made possible with funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance.
I want to thank everyone for joining us for this episode of the Justice for Vets podcast, when Thank You is not enough.
Our guest today is Judge Robert Russell, Buffalo, New Yo

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