S01 E03 - Could a Vet Center Be Right for Me?

When Thank You Is Not Enough by Justice For Vets
“Vet Center’s current motto includes the three Cs: connection, camaraderie, and community.” What are Vet Centers? How do they differ from VA hospitals and other VA services? E3 takes a deep dive into Vet Centers, looking at their origin, role, and unique approach to providing mental and behavioral health services to our nation’s veterans.  ...  See more
Apr 03 2023

Vets Center's current motto includes the three C's,
Connection, Come, Rotary, and Community.
Those three C's focus on the power of building community and creating supports.
You're listening to the Justice for Vets podcast when thank you is not enough.
Hosted by retired Major General Butch Tate,
this podcast is made possible with funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance.
Hi, this is Butch Tate, Chief Counsel for the National Association of Drug Court Professionals,
of which Justice for Vets is a division of our organization.
I'm pleased to welcome you to our podcast when thank you is not enough.
I hope you've tuned in earlier to get a sense of what we're all about.
What we're trying to do, of course, is talk about veteran trauma,
talk about how that trauma can sometimes lead a veteran

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