The Health Spring Code, Jesus in India, One Soul's World Peace, and More: A Thought-Provoking Conversation with Joshua T Berglan and Karl de Leeuw

Joshua T Berglan 'The World's Mayor' by Joshua T Berglan 'The World's Mayor'
Join Joshua T Berglan and Karl de Leeuw in this thought-provoking discussion covering a range of topics, including the Health Spring Code, Jesus in India, One Souls World Peace initiative, the flaws of the coaching industry, 12 mini documentaries, being a whistleblower, the International Celebration of Dyslexia, and how the International  ...  See more
Mar 21 2023

What's up, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a conversation with Joshua T. Berglund.
And I am excited, the word it's I'm excited, Carl, to have you back.
But I'm also like biting my nails nervous, because the last time we spoke, you were on
this whole other planet that I had never even heard of before.
And the things that you were talking about were just blowing my mind.
And it wasn't that I didn't believe you.
It was just that it was just so far over my head, so much of it.
But I love the conversation.
I loved your heart behind it.
And I'm glad the connection that we made afterwards was so special that I just adore you as a
And I'm so glad that you're here.
But since that last broadcast, I may not be on the same planet you're on, but my planet
is really close to yours now, because I

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