S03 E07 - A Conversation w/ Joshua T Berglan & Jeannine Kim "Embracing the Dark"

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
Thank you for being here to watch A Conversation w/ Joshua T Berglan & Jeannine Kim "Embracing the Dark" Welcome to this broadcast featuring Jeannine, an Intuitive Reader, Astrologer, Medium, H.H.P., Yogi, Teacher, and Author with over 23 years of experience in offering healing wisdom, guidance, and support to clients worldwide. Jeannine'  ...  See more
Mar 15 2023
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Hey, what's up everyone? My name is Joshua and I want to welcome you to another broadcast.

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Of course, this broadcast happened yesterday, 24 hours ago.

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And I gotta tell you that it is, this conversation with Janine is one of the most extraordinary conversations I've ever been a part of.

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I don't know how much you all know about Carl Jung or Dark Knight of the Soul or Shadow Work or Embracing or Darkness.

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If any of these words or phrases sound familiar to you, then this conversation is going to feel like home.

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For others who look at what I just said and go, that's bad.

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