S02 E23 - A Conversation w/ Carisa Sharrett about the Empowered Mom Blueprint

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
Carissa Cole Sharrett joins Joshua T Berglan to discuss the Empowered Mom Blueprint she created and if you have a child with disabilities or ever cared for someone with a disability, this broadcast is for you.Meet Carisa"My passion is fueling empowered living in families of children with disabilities or other special needs. I am also "Mom  ...  See more
Feb 10 2023
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carisa and joshua

Joshua T Berglan: What's up ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to a conversation with Joshua T Berglan and my very special guest, Carisa. Sharrett I am so happy that you told me how to pronounce your last name because I gotta tell you the last four broadcast, I think I've completely butchered the last names even after they told me how to say it.
So anyway, I'm so excited to have you here today. I shared in my opening that I got to speak to you for, a little bit about a couple weeks ago, and I got to really learn more about what you're up to and really got to understand the heart behind. , and I'm so excited to have you here because I know that what the information you have to share is so important, and I believe it will become more important as the days and months go on.

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