S02 E23 - March 3rd 2023 Hunger Strike for A Clear Path Home

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
On March 3rd 2023 men from all over the country who are locked up in Civil Commitment institutions will begin a hunger strike. Their only request is that the "treatment" facilities provide a Clear Path Home. While most treatment programs have clear rules and regulations on how to graduate from a program, Civil Commitment facilities like M  ...  See more
Mar 02 2023
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Hey, what's going on everyone? My name is Joshua T. Berglund and I want to welcome you

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to another broadcast. Today we're going to having another civil justice broadcast. So

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that means the people that we will be speaking to are locked up in a shadow prison. Now,

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not every civil justice broadcast will take place in a shadow prison, but most of them

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will, or at least that's what it looks like as of now. If you're watching on YouTube,

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I would be so grateful if you subscribe, you could like, but I actually want to give you

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a reason to like the broadcast that I want you

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