S01 E14 - What I have Learned Since I Started Following Jesus by Joshua T Berglan

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
Thank you for being a part of "What I have Learned Since I Started Following Jesus" a Spoken Word by Joshua T Berglan.Spoken Word is not a WORD from God, it is Joshua speaking from the heart, with no script, no filter, and no editing out flubs, misspeak, or words that may be considered inappropriate.Unlike other video broadcasts that requ  ...  See more
Nov 24 2022


I've learned a lot since I started following Jesus. And a lot of what I've learned is not exactly what I thought I was going to learn. My name is Joshua, and I want to welcome you to this broadcast. Those of you that are listening to the podcast, thank you so much for downloading and thank you for sharing this with friends. And of course, those of you that have become members of my new broadcast and the new offerings, thank you, thank you for subscribing, you can go to Joshua t berglund.com. And learn all about it. Essentially, what we have here with this website, is a media company in a box. And this is ideal for an artist for man, if you're a creator, if you are an artist of any kind of sculptor, or a painter or a writer or a singer, a spoken word artist, a filmmaker, an

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