S01 E13 - Have You Ever Wanted To Get Paid Just For Being You? by Joshua T Berglan

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
On "Have You Ever Wanted to Be Paid For Just Being You" by Joshua T Berglan, we take a peak into the future and....Josh’s message to you.Going to Parties to HideIf we are living the life we are not created to live and think that is ok, we are numbing yourselfGetting paid to be youNot willing to put up with crap unlessWhat about SEO, what  ...  See more
Nov 23 2022
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Hi, my name is Joshua, and welcome you, I have a message today that is just last night I was on the phone with an old guy, an old friend from my church, and somebody that was is just been very instrumental in my life as far as giving wisdom. And of course, we don't talk all the time, but he just reappeared in my life last night. But before that, he was like, my Bible brother. In other words, when I had hard questions he was the guy could go to, and I would go, and he would tell me, I'm nuts. Or he would say, Well, this is why you're right. And he would show me. So it's been awesome. But this isn't about the Bible. This was about the downloads that were coming to me, as we were talking. And this message I have to give you, so. So the very first thing I don't know about you, but I grew up f

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