by JJ Holbert

Exploring the human condition, one story at a time. I write my short-shorts just like everybody else - one word at a time. You can read it all and get updates on my publications, including my novel 'Big Flame and Little Buck' at 

Podcast episodes

  • E13 - G.Y.S.T (gist)

    E13 - G.Y.S.T (gist)Explicit

    A man questions his confidence after a long marriage and eventual divorce

  • E12 - Broken Rules

    E12 - Broken Rules

    Anna connects folly from her college days to her current work with foster youth.

  • E11 - Fate, or Just Fatal?

    E11 - Fate, or Just Fatal?

    Tony dies soon after a visit to his father, who has dementia.

  • E10 - Ratted Out

    E10 - Ratted Out

    In a not-so-distant future, the rats take Manhattan.

  • E09 - The Tour Guide

    E09 - The Tour Guide

    A woman continues her family's legacy of being a tour guide in her native country of Viet Nam. Read it here: