Are Jiu Jitsu Seminars Worth It (Evaluate For Yourself + Alternatives)

Jiu Jitsu Junction Podcast by Andre Hansel

Episode notes

In this episode of the Jiu Jitsu Junction Podcast Andre and Chase discuss whether or not it is worth it to attend jiu jitsu seminars.

They talk about whether or not BJJ seminars are more or less useful based on your current skill level, some mindset ideas that allow you to get the most out of attending a jiu jitsu seminar, and a bit about the experience of attending a seminar.

They also discuss factors that you need to consider about what type of instructor is teaching the seminar both in terms of their skills and their body type matching your goals and body type.

They also discuss situations where there are more effective alternatives such as taking private lessons, picking and choosing video instructionals, and consuming YouTube content for jiu jitsu.