This Is Not About Your Body | Finding Confidence Outside of Beauty Ideals | S3E2

This Is (Not) About Your Body by Jessi Kneeland

Episode notes

Welcome to This Is Not About Your Body!

Today I'll be talking about ways to feel confident without "being attractive" and stepping outside of societal beauty ideals. The prospect of beginning an anti-diet, intuitive eating, or body neutrality journey can feel terrifying and even impossible for people in that boat because they know those paths might end up COSTING them some of the beauty/body privilege you have now— and since they’re already distressed about not having enough, the thought of having even less can feel like a death sentence. If you relate to this, you might find yourself worrying about how much worse you would feel about yourself if you gained weight, gave up makeup, or stopped dressing to flatter your body type!

It can feel like beauty is what makes the world go around, and that we’re each personally responsible for loo ... 

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